How Do They Work?

It may be funny to some (and it is actually funny/embarrassing for me to even admit) but I have recently bought a surge protector for my devices and I am not even exactly sure how it works. But, unlike some people that typically are fine with remaining in the dark, I have actually taken to researching them so that I can fully understand the process so that I will be in a better position to ensure that all of my electronics are safe.

Hand of a man holding electric plug

No matter the type of electronics you are usually working with at home or in the office, you are probably going to need to invest in a surge protector at some point in time. The majority of these have the most obvious function of protecting your equipment from basically –let’s put it bluntly – frying. Many of them allow you to plug a few devices into one convenient spot a power outlet and if you ask anyone, they will all tell you how useful they are. They are also known as surge suppressors, and if you really are keen to understand how they work, then follow this article and you will see why you should have one in your house and/or office if you don’t already.

Who would spend so much money on equipment and then risk it all being destroyed simply because they didn’t want to invest in a surge protector? This is the type of foolish behaviour that many people end up paying thousands for and it can be easily avoided. There are levels to this protection and I advise anyone to buy a quality one so that they never have to worry about their devices in the future. The standard ones pass electrical currents from outlet to the devices and into the power strip and when there is a spike above a certain level, the protector is activated and diverts this additional energy.

Variety of surge protectors

The most common surge protectors, known as MOV or metal oxide varistors, divert extra voltage. MOVs come with 3 parts: a metal oxide piece that is material that is in the middle of the strip and joined by 2 semiconductors, which come with variable resistance that depends on the voltage levels. When voltage remains below a certain level, electrons flow for a resistance that is very high. When the voltage is exceeded, these same electrons behave in a different manner, creating a resistance that is far lower. At the correct voltage, the MOV doesn’t do anything.
At high voltage levels, MOVs conduct lots of current to eliminate this additional voltage. These are the types of details that many people are not only unaware of, but they also do not take the time to research and know what they are getting themselves into. If you are keen on staying up to date with the latest technology, it will serve you well in the future. I know that for many people that travel, having a surge protector is crucial when traveling to places in the world where current amounts can be significantly different and thus potentially cause damage to your electronic devices.

Shoes for My Game

I believe the time is better now than ever before to take a much-deserved break from my business and take part in a basketball competition. I think that I need a bit of a diversion in my life and so I am throwing my full weight behind this competition. And fittingly, that means that I will have to buy a new pair of shoes for the competition since the ones I currently have are on their last days. I don’t play basketball as much as I used to, so I am not exactly sure which brands put out the best models. But I don’t have to go far for advice as I have several friends that play nearly every weekend and are always up on the latest trends and sports stars releasing their own designs.

What most people erroneously believe is that you need a specific type of shoe for the position that you are playing. The truth is that any basketball shoe can accommodate a player of any position as long as it meets the requirements and specifications. You can typically find detailed information about a shoe from their websites, through review sites, and even first-hand from friends and colleagues if you want to be able to rate their performance before buying a pair. The most important features for me involve the weight, performance specifics, and of course the price.

There are so many shoes on the market now that picking just one pair can prove especially arduous, but if you want to get the latest releases, it may take you up to three or four weeks to decide on a new pair that meets all of your requirements. For me personally, it usually takes about a month because I have some clear-cut rules when it comes to my basketball shoes and on many things, I am not willing to make any compromises. For me, the most important issues for shoes:

  • good basketball shoes grip floors and allow you to maneuver more effectively
  • shoes that reduce knee/foot stress and provide protection against impact
  • shoes are comfortable and fit tightly around feet
  • support ankles to prevent rolling

Friends of mine had a lot of great information to give to me, telling me to check this page on for the best shoes out there for both indoor and outdoor use, since there really is a difference between the two that most people often overlook. And the link gave me pointers on which shoes to add for consideration based on my style of game.

Based on these criteria, the following are the basketball shoes that I have read up on and think are among the best for most people. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to let me know what you think as well.

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

Adidas is known for making great shoes across all sports, and these are no exception, boasting the power, high energy and ultimate in performance they have been known for. These are exceptional basketball shoes that provide the comfort you need when playing. Not only is it lightweight and breathable, but you get great airflow in these shoes and you don’t have to worry about excessive moisture because they have been designed to keep wearers’ feet dry and cool during intense sessions. With their special lace system, pressure on the feet is relieved through both the arches and heel since your foot is locked down to avoid slipping issues.

Many users noted how comfortable the lining inside was and the mesh tongue gave increased breathability which is always an issue for those that are prone to excessive sweating when working out. Some users were not as happy with the style of this shoe, but I personally love the design and more importantly, these shoes are great for traction and dipping and weaving and not worrying about falling on the hardcourts.

Lebron Soldier IX

Lebron Soldier IX

Lebron James is one of the most exciting players ever in the history of the game, so it is only fitting that his shoes are among the most coveted in the industry. These shoes are exceptional, boating high stability and support, and a special strap system that ensures optimal performance both on and off the court. Users note the premium sleeve wraps, rubber pods for the best traction, and cushioning that is responsive against your body movement. Sure, some users note they are expensive, but if you want the best you have to be willing to fork over the cash for them. But at the end of the day, these shoes are built to last and you will have few complaints from previous buyers in regards to how well they perform on the court.

Running or Training Shoes for Basketball?

Man playing ball

I am an avid basketball fan and player, but when it comes to selecting the right types of shoes to wear for a game, I am not exactly sure of which types that I should be considering. I currently have a pair of brand new shoes, but I don’t want to throw away the training shoes that I do have. In order to get an answer to my most pressing questions regarding training shoes, I am turning to others to give me a bit of advice on this issue.

There are shoes suitable for players of all levels, all positions, and most people have no idea that the training shoes they already own are probably fine for whatever sport they are taking up. As one of the most popular sports in the United States, there is no player I know – no matter their experience – that want to be able to perform at optimal levels. In order for us to elevate performance and prevent injuries, it is imperative to have the correct footwear on at all times.

There are many official studies that have been done that recommend that players wear shoes that offer great support, fit snugly, and provide great traction for maneuvering up and down the courts. What I have read many times is that training shoes are also fine for competing in amateur and professional level basketball games.

Required Motions

Players in basketball court

Anyone that plays or understands basketball knows how quick it moves and how much energy must be exerted just to get up and down the court. Players must have the skills to change directions quickly, sprint fast around the court at length and do so in an effective manner in tandem with their teammates. I know that many players are so adamant that they have on basketball shoes, but training shoes are good enough too. I know most players prefer high-tops as they protect the ankles better in movements that are side-to-side, but training shoes also allow you to be agile up and down the court and are not known to hinder motion. There are many professional players that wear these shoes and they have the thick soles necessary to ensure great traction if one needs to stop on a dime. Those thick soles can really come in handy when you need more stability, trust me!

Jumping Ability

Basketball players are revered and praised for their athletic skills and the ability to literally hurl themselves in the air for extended periods of time. They also have to get those rebounds, scrounge for those loose balls, and even block shots from the other team. Training shoes enable players to do this as well, providing the cushion and support for the ankles and feet that one needs for optimal play.


Basketball players have a really long season, and so that means they have to be really attentive to their bodies, so great shoes can help protect their bodies against the strain of playing a regular season that lasts at least 82 games. Shoes must hold up for these touch games, and training shoes are definitely up to the task, offering the durable protection that you will need.