Fun Information About Anthropology

There is a lot of information about anthropology that people don’t know today. If you are interested in pursuing anthropology or you would like to know more about anthropology, there are some facts which are mind-blowing. This article will help you understand some of the fun information about anthropology:According to scientific research, human ancestors and chimpanzee ancestors regularly interbred about 6 million years ago. This means that the two ancestors were of the same species because only species can interbreed to bring forth a viable offspring. However, human ancestors developed as time passed becoming the intelligent creatures in the world today.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the only place in the entire world that contains the most genetic diversity of human race. Therefore, the people outside Africa are mainly inbred and hence they do not have a wide genetic diversity. This is one of the problems associated with the traditional division of human species into races. A long time ago, there were human subspecies and they were classified based on genetic diversity. Neanderthal is an example of extinct human race i.e. the first humans that expanded into Europe. They were believed to originate from Germany. In anthropology, modern human being seems to have descended from a single surviving human species which originated in Africa. After a long period of time evolving and being exposed to different environmental conditions, man evolved to become the modern day man with distinct features and abilities.


Anthropology refers to the study of humans, their behaviour and societies both in the past and in the present. Therefore, if you think anthropology is studying about bones and stones, you are wrong. Anthropology also includes the study of medicine which gave birth to learning about ginger tea medicinal uses, kinship, examine politics, and religions of different people at different times. This makes studying anthropology a complex task because it entails understanding the basics of a wide range of disciplines such as biology, art, psychology, biology, geology among others. However, regardless of the discipline being studied, anthropology’s main objective is to observe and study different cultures of people to know how they should and should not behave.  Anthropology is mainly divided into four fields for majors.


These fields are:


  • Linguistic anthropology – this is a branch of anthropology that studies the interrelationship between human language and other aspects of culture. This field helps man to understand how language changed with time


  • Cultural anthropology – the main objective of this field is to study human cultures so as to have a cross-cultural understanding of human behaviours


  • Archaeology – this field uses the physical remains of man to explain their behaviours and how they used to live in the past


  • Physical anthropology – in this field, anthropologists study the emergence and biological adaptations of human species depending on their mode of feeding, where they live and how they thrive.


If you have any major in anthropology, there are numerous job opportunities for you. You can get hired to handle medicine jobs, environmental protection, forensics, museum, marketing, human resource, business and public health. Most people are misinformed about anthropology by thinking that it only involves the study of bones and stones. That is not the case because there is a wide range of job opportunities for anthropologists.